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Church shooting

 posted by: Vicki Junck on 11/6/2017

Please pray for those affected by the church shooting in Sutherland Springs near San Antonio. Read More

Judy Boedecker

 posted by: Vicki Junck on 10/30/2017

Please pray for Judy Boedecker after having a bad fall. Read More

Charles Moody

 posted by: Vicki Junck on 9/12/2017

Please pray for Charles Moody's brother who is sick and needs a miracle! Read More


 posted by: Vicki Junck on 9/12/2017

Please pray for those who are suffering and needing help because of Hurricane Irma, western wild... Read More

Hurricane Harvey

 posted by: Vicki Junck on 8/28/2017

Please pray for the millions here in Texas who are dealing with wind and flood damage from... Read More

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Martin Luther King Day

By: Tim West

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. For many people in our country, this day celebrates the sacrifices he made for particular causes in our country. For all of us, it should commemorate and encourage the continuing fight …Read More

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