CGM, Anderson Annual Registration

How do ministers and churches register with the Church of God Ministries in Anderson, IN?
  • Go to .  
  • Log in if you already have an account.  Create an account if you don't.
    (Your Constituent ID is located on the front of your minister's ID card.  If you have not yet received a card, just leave blank.) 
  • Update your information, including giving consent to publish selected information (in order to be listed in the Yearbook). 
    “Save” to return to your profile page.
  • Scroll down to “Annual Registration” to register.
    You also have the option to sign up for Auto Renewal to make your annual registration easier.
When should I register?
  • Registration is always open.
  • On your CHOG24/7 account, the “Annual Registration Status” tells if you are “Active” and when your registration expires.
  • Your registration is good for 365 days.
What are the benefits of registering?
  • Affirms your affiliation and connection with the Church of God.
  • Includes your information in the annual Church of God Yearbook.
  • Allows you to update your information.
  • Gives you access to the Yearbook Mobile App and online directory.
  • Provides ministers with an ID card.
How much does it cost?
  • Ministers:  $40. 
    This includes a subscription to the mobile app and online directory, and an annual ID card.
  • Retired Ministers:  No cost. 
    For a complimentary registration, use the discount code provided.
  • Churches:  $65
What if I have no credit card?  Can I pay by check or debit card?
  • Debit cards can be processed online just like credit cards.
  • Call the CGM, Anderson office at 800-848-2464 to pay by check.
What if I don't have Internet access?
  • Friends, families, or your church might be able to help.
  • Many local libraries have free Internet service and computers. 
  • Call the CGM, Anderson office at 800-848-2464 to have someone assist you.
What if I have questions or problems with my registration?  
Thank you for continuing to make Jesus the Subject
in your life, in your church, and in your community