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Church shooting
posted by: Vicki Junck on 11/6/2017

Please pray for those affected by the church shooting in Sutherland Springs near San Antonio.
I will pray 5 people are praying.
Judy Boedecker
posted by: Vicki Junck on 10/30/2017

Please pray for Judy Boedecker after having a bad fall.
I will pray 6 people are praying.
Charles Moody
posted by: Vicki Junck on 9/12/2017

Please pray for Charles Moody's brother who is sick and needs a miracle!
I will pray 8 people are praying.
posted by: Vicki Junck on 9/12/2017

Please pray for those who are suffering and needing help because of Hurricane Irma, western wild fires, and the Bangladesh flooding.
I will pray 7 people are praying.
Hurricane Harvey
posted by: Vicki Junck on 8/28/2017

Please pray for the millions here in Texas who are dealing with wind and flood damage from Hurricane Harvey.
I will pray 9 people are praying.
Jazella McGrew
posted by: Vicki Junck on 8/7/2017

Please pray for the family of Dr. Jazella McGrew in this time of their loss.
I will pray 6 people are praying.
Pastor Juan Rodriquez
posted by: Vicki Junck on 4/24/2017

Please pray for Pastor Juan Rodriquez and his health situation.
I will pray 12 people are praying.
Dr. James Lewis
posted by: Vicki Junck on 3/14/2017

Please pray for Dr. James Lewis as he is dealing with the death of his wife.
I will pray 16 people are praying.
Team Texas Prayer Retreat
posted by: Melba Davila on 3/13/2017

Let us unite and agree in prayer that God will have His way in all we say and do at the 2017 Prayer Retreat in Brenham, Texas on April 29, 2017. Prayer is at the foundation of anything and everything any church congregation does. The Prayer Team is diligently working to make this important event a memorable, inspiring, and encouraging time but more important we get to PRAY together and listen to God respond.
I will pray 14 people are praying.
Our country.
posted by: Vicki Junck on 2/4/2017

Please pray for peace for our land.
I will pray 9 people are praying.
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