Who is TEAM Texas?

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission
TGA State Ministries exists to help build transformed churches that transform the world.

Our Vision
The Church of God in Texas is a collection of imperfect people serving a perfect God.  We admit that being the royal priesthood of God is not easy, but we are committed to reclaiming our heritage as the dynamic and fruitful church of God demonstrated in the book of Acts.

Our vision is to continually renew our love for Jesus and the church He died to save. This means rediscovering what it means to be a healthy church led by healthy pastors. It means learning to love one another as Jesus loved the church.  It means reinventing ministry for the 21st century, not for our enjoyment, but so that the millions who do not yet know Jesus may experience His grace to transform their lives.

Our vision is to prayerfully, strategically and cooperatively release the resources—both in our hands now and those to come—God has entrusted to us for the His glory and cause.  In so doing, we are people who believe that God can do what He wants to do in this world—and do it through us!  This is the Church of God in Texas.

Our Values
Living in Christ: our ministry functions as a result of a faithful and fruitful connection with Christ and all of the Biblical implications.

Living in health: our ministry functions according to the Biblical standards of personal and organizational health.

Living in balance: our ministry expresses love for this generation by adopting “best practices” that propel our work forward in reaching people without comprising the beauty and power of our ancient faith.

Living in bold faith: our ministry embraces the entrepreneurial and apostolic freedom as seen in Scripture and seeks to not be limited by man-made obstacles but chooses to live a bold faith for the cause of Christ.